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National Guitar 1930 National Triolian 'Professor Scratchy'


This here is an early National Triolian 12 fret Polyc hrome. You can tell it's early by the squared off headstock slots. Someone along the way decided they wanted to sand this down and refinish it. As you can see they never got past scratching the sh$t out of it with heavy grit sandpaper. Fortunately they ran out of gas before they could work the back with it's dark pea finish and fantastic stencil. That said, this is one of the best sounding steel bodiied Nationals you'll ever play. Maple neck is very straight, neck as been reset, refretted with modern frets. Plays like a dream. Original cone still intact and in great shape, I've dubbed this guy PROFESSOR SCRATCHY! A wise man once said, "I don't want a National unless I can bump it with a vacuum cleaner and not worry about it. This one qualifies. So BAD it's GOOD! HUGE steel body tone, a true cannon! This is the one everyone will want to play when you show up for a jam with it!