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National Guitar 1928 Tricone Round Neck Custom Neck


Early round neck tricone, serial number 0660. Undergoing restoration, new pics to follow shortly. Original neck was broken in a bar fight back in the 70's. Original cones, t bridge and tailpiece. We are doing a thorough restoration of this beautiful tricone and will post pics as we go. German silver body is excellent. We are building an exact replica custom neck that will include a 12 " radiused fretboard with modern frets, and an adjustable truss rod. Mahogany neck, bound ebony fingerboard, lacquer finish. This will play and feel even better than the original neck with it's tiny frets and flat fretboard along with no truss rod. It will also have a C shape to the neck instead of the original sharp V these came with. Pics show old neck which is now gone. This will have a longer scale length than the original so the 12th fret will meet the body. the originals had a short 24.75 inch scale length that had the 12th fret well onto the body. It will also have diamond and arrow inlays akin to the original Style 3 tricones. Best of both worlds! Pics to follow shortly, we just started shaping the neck on 1/24/15. The piece of mahogany is amazing! We may end up using a Pearloid overlay. Reserve now and you can request your neck shape and further custom features.