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National Guitar 1930 Style O Son House Owned!


In 1970 Son House performed at a Seattle Prep school sponsored by the University of Washington Ethnomusicology Dept. They had a series of artists over the year, including LIghtnin Hopkins, Fred McDowell, and Taj Mahal. After the performance, a young student and his Dad approached Son and asked him if his guitar might be for sale. His response, $100! The Dad took what he had in his pocket and borrowed the rest from a teacher and came home with the guitar, this early Style O. Documentation and contact info from the buyer included. Wow! Regarding the guitar itself, it's a great example of an early style O. Neck is super straight, action is low, plays and sounds great. 100% original cone nut tuners tailpiece. Coverplate is steel which many early ones were. Serial number is early, S72x. Great guitar, great history!