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National Guitar 1930 Style N German Silver Tricone Headstock RARE!


1930 Style N. This is now the third of these very early single cones that I have owned. These very early examples preceeded the hawaiian sandblasted Style O's that came to be standard. Those consistent O's had a two piece brass body. The early Prototype shown here has a 3 piece german silver body made of very thin gauged metal. This also has the standard mahogany tricone headstock. Essentially, they took what was the current round neck tricone and placed a new single cone top on the 3 piece body. The earliest showing of the Style O in catalogs I know of did not have Hawaiian sandblasting and boasted of a german silver body. It also was shown with a squared off headstock. Catalogs 3 mos later did show those features. This example we have here is essentially the early prototype and to my ear is the best sounding single cone ever made. One of a very small early number that had a 3 piece german silver body with the beautiful tricones fine mahogany headstock. The neck and it's original finish are gorgeous. Bound ebony fingerboard and original frets. Original cone, tailpiece, and tuners. A rare, amazing, and highly collectable example. Call or email for any further details.