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National Guitar 1937-8 Dobro Built M-47 Aluminite


This is an amazing example of a late 30's Dobro Aluminite Fiddle Edged spider bridge resonator. Weighing in at only 4 lbs 11 ozs, this super rare exampe was built for the Wieser Catalog. Aluminum metal body (known as the "Dobro-Lite" or "Lumalite"), mahogany grain painted sunburst finish, (there is a small area in the upper right front corner that's been oversprayed to cover some gassing of the pickguard) dot fingerboard inlays, unbound rosewood fingerboard, 14 frets clear of the body, round window soundholes, painted resonator plate, peghead with "Dobro" decal. If a retailer bought enough numbers, Dobro would put the retailers name overlayed on the headstock as seen here. A slightly fancier and expensive version of the M-46. Appeared in catalogs in 1938 as the M-47. Amazing guitar with original case and key!