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How National Guitars are Made

An 8 Part Video Series from Vintage Nationals

How It's Made Part 1 :: Metal Stamping

Hello my friends. In this first installment of our HOW IT’S MADE series, we show you the metal department. You will see a metal body being stamped by a large 60 ton press, along w the water jet machine cutting the shapes out.

How It's Made Part 2 :: Body Shop

Here in Part 2, we see metal bodies being soldered together. We also see them being buffed and readied for plating.

How It's Made Part 3 :: Cone Spinning

Here in Part 3, we see something that’s always been a bit of a mystery. Don Young personally spinning a cone on a 1930’s spinning machine. See a 9.5 inch Hot Rod cone go from flat piece of metal to a shaped and spun cone.

How It's Made Part 4 :: Woodworking

In Part 4, we visit the Woodworking Dept. You can see blank chunks of wood transformed into a rough finished neck. See all the steps involved, including a computerized CNC machine doing the shaping.

How It's Made Part 5 :: Finishing

In Part 5, I take a walk through the finishing dept. You can see various bodies and necks being readied for completion prior to assembly. Also visit the paint booth and see many different bodies during and after painting and clear coating.

How It's Made Part 6 :: Assembly Department

In Part 6, I walk you through the assembly dept. where necks are installed on the bodies and the final product goes thru a tedious final finish and setup.

How It's Made Part 7 :: More Woodworking

In Part 7, I show more woodworking. See some custom wood bodied Nationals in progress. View the assembly of the wood body itself, prior to it going into the finishing dept.

How It's Made Part 8 :: Having Fun

In Part 8, we are just having some fun looking back at the series as a whole and the experience of putting it all together. Some nice playing at the end by a factory visitor who happened to be there while I was filming. Enjoy!