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Hot Rod Steel "RAT ROD" Tricone Square Neck

$ 869

"RAT ROD" series 12 fret Tricone Square Neck. Distressed nickel plated brass body, mahogany square neck. Slotted headstock, flat fingerboard, 3 Continental cones, 3 on a plate style tuners work great. The internal pan is leveled perfectly. Each individual cone is placed on a pieice of glass and made perfectly flat. The pan and cones are then matched perfectly. No buzzes or rattles as is common on sub $1,000 tricones. 80 year old "OLD WOOD" Maple saddle from early 1930 era maple custom made for each guitar. All this hand detail work done here in California. These sound and play amazing. 24 hour approval, no questions asked if not competely satisified. 1 year 100% trade-in value on any new National Reso-Phonic guitar.